Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Year

It seems crazy that the new year is here. Dave and I brought 2010 in over the phone, the only way we could. Was it fun? No, not really. But it was what it was. There was no cold night air, walking around at First Night like we usually do. There was no fireworks or shouting or hugging. No dancing or watching crazy people dance as in years past. No holding hands, no laughing and no hot cocoa to warm you up. Most importantly, there wasn't any kissing, which is always my favorite part.

The new year came, dispite it not being perfect. 2009 was not the perfect year for our little family, but we are bound and determined to make 2010 the best we've ever had. We look forward to the things we will accomplish this year and have set many goals that will help stretch us and help us to grow. There are a lot of changes coming and we hope you will make this journey with us.

Thanks to all our friends and family who have supported and helped us through 2009. We are most grateful and blessed to have had you there through our toughest of times. We will be there for you as well. May we all have a wonderful 2010 is my new year wish. Come back again soon and see what we are up to. Come hang with us a while. We promise you'll laugh and enjoy some good times.

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Anonymous said...

Miss you BB...See you on the vid chat.....