Thursday, December 3, 2009


Sorry for the delay in the posts and on this blog. A lot has happened in the last year and I thought I would do a quick recap since December 2008: Right after the holidays last year, I was laid off from my job at Qwest Communications in Salt Lake City, Utah. A few weeks later I was picked up by a Data Security Company called Security Metrics in Orem, Utah. I love this company and it's people and they took me in and treated me well. I was working for less than half of what I made at Qwest and I continued to look for work that would be more beneficial financially. Stacy continued to work at Wing Enterprises where they make the best ladder the world has ever seen. The day I was laid off, Lalo and his girl came back home as well. We all lived together in our yellow submarine, so to speak! Lalo and Sarah got hitched and moved into a place of their own and then a few short months later spilt and went their separate ways. We were very sad at getting this news. Later on in the year I got picked up at Integra telecom in Phoenix, Arizona. So right now I live in Phoenix and Stacy and the gang are keeping the home fires burning for my return, hopefully around April of 2010. Our freind Lrae moved into the basement of our home and she continues to work and go to school as well. Stacy has had a few issues with her esophagus and we continue to work with her doctors to get it under control and healed up. I miss my family, but we had a great Thanksgiving in Las Vegas and I really look forward to Christmas at home this year. Joshie and Lalo are with their Mom in Augusta, Georgia and are spending the holidays there and will continue to go to school and get their undergraduate degrees at Agusta State University. That's about it. Check out the Bori's blog....that's where I'm at right now.