Sunday, December 14, 2008

Big Cities According To Dave

Having posted the blog on no vacation for this year, I started looking back at to some of the places I have been too personally. I have been to some really big cities in my life...Here are some of my favorites:

Sao Paulo, Brazil 1984-1986
Average Population over 10 million.
Endless skyscrapers for miles. For Mega-cities, Sao Paulo is the one of the biggest cities that I have lived and worked in:

Seoul, Korea 1994-1995
Average Population 10.2 Million
Also Endless skyscrapers. For a Mega-City, I think it actually beats Sao Paulo, Brazil in population numbers. Cool city with lots of good...and bad memories.

New York City, New York
Born just north of this city
Again, endless skyscapers-but feels like like home...Gotta love Gotham.
Average Population 8 Million...Get outta here!

Those are the biggest cities I have ever been in...Here are some of my other favorite "Big Cities"..:

Dallas, Texas
Just East of Lubbock and a whole hell of a lot funner.

Honolulu, Hawaii
Just West of Dallas and a lot funner than anywhere in Texas.

New Orleans, Louisiana
Just South East of Dallas, and I can't remember what happened there. Ask Dannelly, he might know something.

Nuremberg, Germany
My home away from home in Europe, along with Frankfurt where PX and Petra live. Great food, great Gluvien, a great place to spent a wintery Christmas.

Osaka, Japan
Dad took me here when I was 7 years old. I have never forgotten Osakajo Castle to this day.

Rio De Janiero, Brazil
Pit stop city on the way home from Sao Paulo. Great beaches with greater sceenery.

Salzburg, Austria
Went here back in 1991. Beautiful city and home to Mozart, one of my favorite composers.

Seattle, Washington
Home of my cousin April and great seafood.

I would add Modesto, California, home to another one of my favorite peeps, but Modesto needs to grow up a little to be added to this blog on big cities...Sorry Scott and Betty!

And to Samantha Brown...

Don't worry Blondie...Stacy and I will catch up to you in the world one of these days........


No Vacation This Year

Stacy and I have been so busy this year with babies being born (little Faith), kids going back and forth between families (Josh and Lalo), same two kids getting ready for college winter semester, Stacy hurting her arm and both of us working sometimes up to 12 hrs a seems that we are always tired and never have any time for ourselves. That is when we take a long deserved vacation. But not this year! We are on a spending freeze to get all the little annoying things out of the way so that we can start out next year looking better financially. So I thought that since we really didn't have a vacation this year like we normally do, that I would post some cool pics of some of our favorite cities that we have both been to together over the last 8 years....These pics are from a collection of night pics of our favorite cities that we have been to on vacation....Here goes........

Austin, Texas 2002

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico 2000

Ensenada, Mexico 2000, 2003, 2006

Las Vegas, Nevada 2000-2007

Los Angeles, California 2000, 2003

Mazatlan, Mexico 2000

Puerta Vallarta, Mexico 2000

San Antonio, Texas

Last but not least...Our home town of Salt Lake City, Utah

Hope you like the pics...we have had a lot of fun on our vacations


Happy Thanksgiving

This is a little late....but better late than never. This year we spent Thanksgiving with Stacy's family. We headed over to Stacy's brothers place, Steve and Belinda, where Belinda poured in on with some great food! We had a great time and after we had a great Thanksgiving dinner we played games until we started to get sleepy.........

If that was not enough...Dave ran over and hung out a little with "his other Mom"...Sara, and his best freind Jim who came down to visit from SLC with his family.......

It was a nice Holiday and we hope that everyone else out there had a great Thanksgiving Holiday as well.

Now to get ready for Christmas.........