Saturday, November 15, 2008


Dave and I have been terrible at keeping things up to date. A lot has happened since our last entry when Elise and Scott got engaged. We hope to fill you in quickly and then stay on top of things better.

Josh returned home to go to school. He’s been doing all he can to be ready for winter semester at Utah Valley University. I can hardly believe all the tests, all the forms and all the time it takes to get this going for him. Josh is on top of things though and that’s a blessing. We wish he would get a job while he waits for, school to start, but now that the new expansion pack has come out for World of Warcraft, WOW is his priority. Before you know it, he’ll be leveled up and ready for school to start.

Dallas moved in with us. He is waiting to get into UVU also, but it’s so nice to have him here. The two boys keep busy with Beto runs, movies and girls. They’ve been going to clubs, hanging out with friends and keeping the basement properly messed up. Come on now – you know single men….. There’s not a clean spot to be found.

Dallas just got a job at American Eagle in the local mall. He’s working hard and making the bucks necessary to keep him in the lifestyle he enjoys. Maybe his example will rub off on Josh. I know I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Lalo is still in Georgia. We miss him, but he’s thankfully with his Mom and Alan. Lalo had a job at a fast food place, but it drove him crazy. Now he’s getting ready for college himself. The paperwork is getting done for Augusta State now that he got his GED out of the way. We’re so proud of him. He has stuck to his plan of getting the GED done and now he’s moving on. Dave and I hope that Augusta State will be good for him.

Sara is a wonderful part of Lalo’s life. She has been making him happy for a while now and we are thrilled with that. We wish that we could meet her, but that will come in time. The two of them will be going to school together and possibly moving in with a friend of Lalo’s who is stationed at Fort Gordon. We love them both and hope for the best.

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Youre back!!!!! YAYAYAYAYAY!!!