Sunday, November 16, 2008

Scott and Elise's Wedding Day

I wanted to post pictures of Elise and Scott’s wedding. It took place at a bed and breakfast in Lindon, UT on September 12th. It was a beautiful Friday afternoon and the grounds were spectacular.

Elise was escorted by her Father, down from the balcony, onto the lawn where family and close friends gathered to watch the event.

Scott and Elise were married just inside the gazebo which was simply beautiful. She wore a beautiful gown and carried a deep red flower bouquet. The fall colors were beautiful. Her bridesmaids were in black skirts with deep maroon tops and her flower girl was in a very lovely maroon dress. She was very careful to only drop one petal at a time down the isle which made all watching, fall in love with this little dark, haired angle. I believe her name was Autumn and she is Scott’s niece. She was as darling as could be. I wish I had a picture of her.

Shana, Elise’s mom, was telling me that they were hoping that the ivy that was so propionate on the gazebo would have turned colors by the time of the wedding, but alas, not everything goes according to plans sometimes.

After the ceremony, pictures were taken and we went up to the main building and waited for the reception to begin. There were finger sandwiches, cookies, juice, relish trays and all kinds of things to fill our tummies along with people to talk to and friends to catch up with. Here are some pictures of the festivities.

My niece Candice and I talked for quite awhile as we waited for people to start arriving.

Here is the first of the grandparents. My Dad, George Robinson.

Steve and Linda Clark are pictured here. These are Shana’s parents, the other grandparents.

Here are the parents of the bride – Scott and Shana Robinson.

And we can’t forget the parents of the groom with Scott and Elise.

This is Elise and Scott’s wedding cake. It really is beautiful.

And here are other members of the family. Sam, Brianna, Micheal and his wife Shanell and one of my favorite shots of me and my brother Scott.

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