Sunday, November 16, 2008

Day With Dave At Work

I spent the day with Dave up at work. Once a month, he has to work a weekend and this was his weekend to work. Because we have had so much going on in our little family, it’s been difficult to spend time together. I have to say, I had fun. I downloaded pictures and got things posted on the blog while Dave worked. We had lunch together, which is such an oddity and our dear friend Ron took us over to the French Bakery for a treat. They had everything there…. Cheese cake, baklava, tiramisu, croissants, bread pudding, tartlets….. Everything our diet rich bodies aren’t supposed to have.

We stopped off at the American Fork Cinimark and saw ”Quantum of Solace” and then headed over to the hospital to visit with our little Pollywog. Her mom and dad were there along with her Grandma and Grandpa Dickey and Aunt Jeanie. Dave and I stayed for a few hours and enjoyed talking with the nurses, Gary and Bobbie and of course, seeing Faith. Dave and I sang to her our little Honey Bunny song and took more pictures. We were able to see her feet and hands so much better today and she was so active. The nurses had even removed her little tooks so we could see her head and all her features. While we were there, her Daddy was able to change her oh so tiny diaper (I didn’t know you could make them that small.) and he was able to help weigh her and change her bedding, while mom was off pumping for Faith’s dinner. It was amazing to see how much the parents can be involved with their tiny baby’s care. How wonderful it must be for them to have that ability when it’s so difficult for them to go home each day and leave their precious one at the hospital. Faith weighted in at 1lb 6oz tonight, but she’s a tough cookie. I’m sure she will be gaining weight soon. I hope that you will be able to see how tiny she is now that we have hands in the pictures. Thank goodness Mom and Dad can touch her and have that connection with her.

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