Tuesday, November 25, 2008


On Saturday, while his mom and dad were at the hospital with his little sister Faith, we got to spend the day with Chance. You can not imagine all that you can do when Chance is with you until you experience the magic.

We picked Chance up at the hospital and set off for adventures unknown. We drove up to Draper to the Ikea store because Dave and I wanted to pick up some glasses. Never in my wildest imagination could I have known how much fun it would be to try out every bed they had in their children’s section. There were animal beds, and beds that looked like they should be in Whoville. Some had netting on them like princess beds and some had tents over them. There were bunk beds and day beds and captain beds and chairs that made into beds. There were red beds and blue beds and beds with really bright covers on them. Who needs a playground when you have a room full of this? I don’t think Chance had a bigger smile on his face.

We found an alligator that we just had to have and a tent that was perfect for even more adventures and perhaps a hiding place where Chance could be alone. But that wasn’t the end of all the fun. When you exit Ikea, you pass through rows upon rows of stocked shelves where you pick up your treasures as you make your way to the check out stands. To a boy like Chance and his uncle Dave – it’s the perfect place to play “hide and seek”. People stopped and watched this 6’6” man, running down isles, searching for a place to hide from this little boy and when Chance would catch him, off Chance would go to find some tiny little spot to make his escape from all who were searching for him. At one point, I couldn’t even find him where I thought he had gone. Chance had actually wiggled his way further up the isle behind boxes and through empty spaces he had found. It was magic!

On our way home, we cheered on BYU in their game against UofU, but it wasn’t meant to be for BYU. It didn’t stop us from cheering on our team though. We got home and had corn dogs with Chance because he loves them and we settled in to watch “Kung Fu Panda”. We laughed and thought it was the greatest thing. Then Chance had to show us his Kung Fu and Dave had to let the poodies show us their Puppy Fu. Our imaginations were on overload.

Finally after 10:00, we set up the tent at the foot of our bed and filled it with blankets and pillows and Chance settled in to sleep with Molly and Milo at his side. Our little adventurer needed some rest and we did too. It is time for sweet dreams of pirate ships and cars, animals and flying. How lucky we have been to have this day with Chance.

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