Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Although Molly is listed here, it’s really the adventures of me, I’m Milo. My full name is Milo Gunther and I’m the oldest. Molly just tags along with everything I do and I get really irritated with her. See her in the background of my picture. She looks funny. She’s always trying to run in front of me. I don’t stop though, I just run right over her. She gets all the credit for everything because she is smaller and she’s a girl. To tell you the truth, she has weird ears. Have you seen them? One sticks up really weird like and it looks silly.

Molly is fun to hang out with though when mom and dad aren’t around. It gives me something to play with. Sometimes I have to let her win just so she feels better about herself. It’s a good thing really. I wouldn’t want her to feel bad about herself and get depressed and stuff.

Barking is my favorite. It makes my feet go off the ground, like I’m jumping, but I’m not. It’s really cool. I bark at all kinds of things. Dad gives me treats when I bark. Dad even promoted me to Sergeant cuz I'm a good listener. I listen really hard and if I hear anything, I BARK. It’s because it’s my job. I get to take care of Mommy and keep her safe. I bark to let her know that there is something or someone coming that I’m not sure about and I want her and Daddy to know about it and be ready. Molly tries to copy me all the time. If I start barking, she does too. Why can’t I be the only barker? I bark louder than her and stuff. Molly is only a Private. She never did get more training cuz she's dumb. Sometimes I want to bite her.

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