Tuesday, November 25, 2008


When Dave and I got home from our visit with Faith at the hospital, we received a phone call from Georgia. Lalo called to let us know that he proposed to Sarah and she accepted! I’m sure you can imagine how shocked we were to hear that our baby, all 6’4” of him, had decided that it was time for him to become a husband. Although we have not met Sarah, we know she must be something wonderful for Lalo to want to spend the rest of his life with her. We are anxious to meet Sarah and our arms are opened wide. No date has been set yet, but we will keep you posted as we get information. Lalo and Sarah are planning to go to Agusta State to get their associate degrees and then come to Utah for awhile to continue their education. They are talking about getting married in Vegas with all their family and friends surrounding them. Lalo has always loved Vegas and it would be fun for him to be married there. We are so proud of him and Sarah and the plan they have to spend their life together.


Our little Pollywog is such a trooper. She is weighing in at 1 pound 10 ounces now and she is growing hair like you can’t believe. We watched as mommy gave her a bath last night and the nurses turned her on her tummy for awhile. Although she has a little infection at the moment, we know she is in good hands and she gets a little better every day. After mom and dad left, Dave and I stayed and talked to Faith for awhile. She knows we love her and we are there for her. Faith also knows that we are so proud of her and how much she is growing. Faith is surrounded by people who love her and that’s better than any kind of medicine I can think of.


On Saturday, while his mom and dad were at the hospital with his little sister Faith, we got to spend the day with Chance. You can not imagine all that you can do when Chance is with you until you experience the magic.

We picked Chance up at the hospital and set off for adventures unknown. We drove up to Draper to the Ikea store because Dave and I wanted to pick up some glasses. Never in my wildest imagination could I have known how much fun it would be to try out every bed they had in their children’s section. There were animal beds, and beds that looked like they should be in Whoville. Some had netting on them like princess beds and some had tents over them. There were bunk beds and day beds and captain beds and chairs that made into beds. There were red beds and blue beds and beds with really bright covers on them. Who needs a playground when you have a room full of this? I don’t think Chance had a bigger smile on his face.

We found an alligator that we just had to have and a tent that was perfect for even more adventures and perhaps a hiding place where Chance could be alone. But that wasn’t the end of all the fun. When you exit Ikea, you pass through rows upon rows of stocked shelves where you pick up your treasures as you make your way to the check out stands. To a boy like Chance and his uncle Dave – it’s the perfect place to play “hide and seek”. People stopped and watched this 6’6” man, running down isles, searching for a place to hide from this little boy and when Chance would catch him, off Chance would go to find some tiny little spot to make his escape from all who were searching for him. At one point, I couldn’t even find him where I thought he had gone. Chance had actually wiggled his way further up the isle behind boxes and through empty spaces he had found. It was magic!

On our way home, we cheered on BYU in their game against UofU, but it wasn’t meant to be for BYU. It didn’t stop us from cheering on our team though. We got home and had corn dogs with Chance because he loves them and we settled in to watch “Kung Fu Panda”. We laughed and thought it was the greatest thing. Then Chance had to show us his Kung Fu and Dave had to let the poodies show us their Puppy Fu. Our imaginations were on overload.

Finally after 10:00, we set up the tent at the foot of our bed and filled it with blankets and pillows and Chance settled in to sleep with Molly and Milo at his side. Our little adventurer needed some rest and we did too. It is time for sweet dreams of pirate ships and cars, animals and flying. How lucky we have been to have this day with Chance.


Saturday morning, we got up and took the puppies to Rub-A-Dub Doggie in Provo. They needed sprucing up for the holiday when family and friends where going to be around. It was time to cut off their long locks of tangled-ness and remember how cute they can be with short hair. Although it took 5 hours for them to get done, it was worth it. Look at how nice they look now!! Aren’t they precious? And they smell good too!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008


My name is Molly and everything that Milo says is a lie! I am smarter and faster and prettier than Milo. I am a Principeza. I even got the best scores in poodie training with Daddy.

Milo is wierd and does strange things, like when he tried to radio Moscow from Mommies bedroom...weird...

Milo is also a bully and likes to pick on other Poodies, here he is trying to pick a fight with my new friend Cuba...

Milo is so dumb that he got locked in the bathroom all day yesterday and Mommie had to rescue him. I could have let him out but I don't have any thumbs.

I like to lick and jump on Mommie, she's my favorite. Daddie is okay and he likes to play rough with me...but Mommie is my favorite.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Although Molly is listed here, it’s really the adventures of me, I’m Milo. My full name is Milo Gunther and I’m the oldest. Molly just tags along with everything I do and I get really irritated with her. See her in the background of my picture. She looks funny. She’s always trying to run in front of me. I don’t stop though, I just run right over her. She gets all the credit for everything because she is smaller and she’s a girl. To tell you the truth, she has weird ears. Have you seen them? One sticks up really weird like and it looks silly.

Molly is fun to hang out with though when mom and dad aren’t around. It gives me something to play with. Sometimes I have to let her win just so she feels better about herself. It’s a good thing really. I wouldn’t want her to feel bad about herself and get depressed and stuff.

Barking is my favorite. It makes my feet go off the ground, like I’m jumping, but I’m not. It’s really cool. I bark at all kinds of things. Dad gives me treats when I bark. Dad even promoted me to Sergeant cuz I'm a good listener. I listen really hard and if I hear anything, I BARK. It’s because it’s my job. I get to take care of Mommy and keep her safe. I bark to let her know that there is something or someone coming that I’m not sure about and I want her and Daddy to know about it and be ready. Molly tries to copy me all the time. If I start barking, she does too. Why can’t I be the only barker? I bark louder than her and stuff. Molly is only a Private. She never did get more training cuz she's dumb. Sometimes I want to bite her.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It's been a great day. I went on line and found a few pictures that I've been looking for. Dave and I have been asking Lalo for a picture of him and Sarah, but never got one until now. Sorry - drastic times call for drastic measures.

I also thought it was a good idea for you all to meet Dallas. I've known Dallas since he was in Jr. High. His mother was a good friend of my niece Shelley's and then before we knew it, Dallas became friends with Lalo and Josh. Now we are a happy, extended family. As stated before, Dallas is staying with us. We are proud of him and all he's accomplished and we look forward to what he's going to do in his future. I hope he realizes how much joy he brings into the house.

We spent the evening last night with Dave's family at Golden Coral. I can't remember the last time we all got together for dinner. It was very nice. It's always a good thing when family gets together. Bobbie and Gary got us caught up on Pollywog's progress. She had some tummy time today and Bobbie says she loves it! Again, she was very active and she is doing great.

Another successful day! I love those kind.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Day With Dave At Work

I spent the day with Dave up at work. Once a month, he has to work a weekend and this was his weekend to work. Because we have had so much going on in our little family, it’s been difficult to spend time together. I have to say, I had fun. I downloaded pictures and got things posted on the blog while Dave worked. We had lunch together, which is such an oddity and our dear friend Ron took us over to the French Bakery for a treat. They had everything there…. Cheese cake, baklava, tiramisu, croissants, bread pudding, tartlets….. Everything our diet rich bodies aren’t supposed to have.

We stopped off at the American Fork Cinimark and saw ”Quantum of Solace” and then headed over to the hospital to visit with our little Pollywog. Her mom and dad were there along with her Grandma and Grandpa Dickey and Aunt Jeanie. Dave and I stayed for a few hours and enjoyed talking with the nurses, Gary and Bobbie and of course, seeing Faith. Dave and I sang to her our little Honey Bunny song and took more pictures. We were able to see her feet and hands so much better today and she was so active. The nurses had even removed her little tooks so we could see her head and all her features. While we were there, her Daddy was able to change her oh so tiny diaper (I didn’t know you could make them that small.) and he was able to help weigh her and change her bedding, while mom was off pumping for Faith’s dinner. It was amazing to see how much the parents can be involved with their tiny baby’s care. How wonderful it must be for them to have that ability when it’s so difficult for them to go home each day and leave their precious one at the hospital. Faith weighted in at 1lb 6oz tonight, but she’s a tough cookie. I’m sure she will be gaining weight soon. I hope that you will be able to see how tiny she is now that we have hands in the pictures. Thank goodness Mom and Dad can touch her and have that connection with her.

Scott and Elise's Wedding Day

I wanted to post pictures of Elise and Scott’s wedding. It took place at a bed and breakfast in Lindon, UT on September 12th. It was a beautiful Friday afternoon and the grounds were spectacular.

Elise was escorted by her Father, down from the balcony, onto the lawn where family and close friends gathered to watch the event.

Scott and Elise were married just inside the gazebo which was simply beautiful. She wore a beautiful gown and carried a deep red flower bouquet. The fall colors were beautiful. Her bridesmaids were in black skirts with deep maroon tops and her flower girl was in a very lovely maroon dress. She was very careful to only drop one petal at a time down the isle which made all watching, fall in love with this little dark, haired angle. I believe her name was Autumn and she is Scott’s niece. She was as darling as could be. I wish I had a picture of her.

Shana, Elise’s mom, was telling me that they were hoping that the ivy that was so propionate on the gazebo would have turned colors by the time of the wedding, but alas, not everything goes according to plans sometimes.

After the ceremony, pictures were taken and we went up to the main building and waited for the reception to begin. There were finger sandwiches, cookies, juice, relish trays and all kinds of things to fill our tummies along with people to talk to and friends to catch up with. Here are some pictures of the festivities.

My niece Candice and I talked for quite awhile as we waited for people to start arriving.

Here is the first of the grandparents. My Dad, George Robinson.

Steve and Linda Clark are pictured here. These are Shana’s parents, the other grandparents.

Here are the parents of the bride – Scott and Shana Robinson.

And we can’t forget the parents of the groom with Scott and Elise.

This is Elise and Scott’s wedding cake. It really is beautiful.

And here are other members of the family. Sam, Brianna, Micheal and his wife Shanell and one of my favorite shots of me and my brother Scott.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Faith Ana-Marie Stone

Meet the newest member of the Stone family. Faith was born on November 12, 2008. Her parents are Gary and Bobbie Stone and her older brother is Chance. Faith, who Dave and I affectionately call Pollywog, was so excited about getting here that she came a bit early. She was only 24 weeks along when she decided she couldn’t wait any longer. Pollywog’s Mom, Bobbie, tried very hard to keep her inside, but Faith seems to have a mind of her own. She was born at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center in Provo, Utah and currently resides in the NIC (newborn intensive care) unit at the hospital and will remain there until probably the end of February or the first part of March when she was actually supposed to arrive.

Pollywog has many fine nurses and physicians taking care of her during the day and we get to catch up with her after we get off work and see how she’s doing. She is our little miracle girl and we are so proud of how well she is doing. She’s a fighter and she has captured our thoughts and hearts.

Our Nephew Chance came by on the 12th of November and told us he wanted to cook us some pancakes....so we let him. They turned out great!!! Then he said he wanted to "hang with the fellas" (Dave was doing a church food drive and service project)..so he went with Dave and "hung with the fellas"....It's always fun when "Spike" comes and makes ya breakfast.


Dave and I have been terrible at keeping things up to date. A lot has happened since our last entry when Elise and Scott got engaged. We hope to fill you in quickly and then stay on top of things better.

Josh returned home to go to school. He’s been doing all he can to be ready for winter semester at Utah Valley University. I can hardly believe all the tests, all the forms and all the time it takes to get this going for him. Josh is on top of things though and that’s a blessing. We wish he would get a job while he waits for, school to start, but now that the new expansion pack has come out for World of Warcraft, WOW is his priority. Before you know it, he’ll be leveled up and ready for school to start.

Dallas moved in with us. He is waiting to get into UVU also, but it’s so nice to have him here. The two boys keep busy with Beto runs, movies and girls. They’ve been going to clubs, hanging out with friends and keeping the basement properly messed up. Come on now – you know single men….. There’s not a clean spot to be found.

Dallas just got a job at American Eagle in the local mall. He’s working hard and making the bucks necessary to keep him in the lifestyle he enjoys. Maybe his example will rub off on Josh. I know I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Lalo is still in Georgia. We miss him, but he’s thankfully with his Mom and Alan. Lalo had a job at a fast food place, but it drove him crazy. Now he’s getting ready for college himself. The paperwork is getting done for Augusta State now that he got his GED out of the way. We’re so proud of him. He has stuck to his plan of getting the GED done and now he’s moving on. Dave and I hope that Augusta State will be good for him.

Sara is a wonderful part of Lalo’s life. She has been making him happy for a while now and we are thrilled with that. We wish that we could meet her, but that will come in time. The two of them will be going to school together and possibly moving in with a friend of Lalo’s who is stationed at Fort Gordon. We love them both and hope for the best.