Friday, June 13, 2008


Let us introduce you to "The Poodies". This is Milo Gunther and Molly Gretchen...our tiny dancers who are two spoiled rotten Mini-Schnauzers. Milo has been promoted to Sergeant after completing his Intermediate training at Pet-Smart. He is smart as a whip and always getting into trouble. Molly has recently been promoted to Private after completing Basic Training. She is mischievous and can often be found chewing on shoes. They enjoy being outside. It's their favorite, along with barking, begging for foods they shouldn't eat and chasing one another around the house. We love our Poodies. They make us laugh quite a bit and they bring us a lot of joy!

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CassiLou said...

I LOVE IT Stacy! Your blog is so stinkin cute!!! And the poodies are cute too! Oh Heck! You are all Cute! Love you guys! Cassi-Lou