Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Mollys Graduation From Basic Training

Molly Graduated from her Basic Training, Or Puppy Basic as they call it in May 2008. She did very well and made top marks. She expressed her distain for two of her classmates, a border collie that loved to show off how freaking cool and talented she was and a bully German Shepard that almost bit her face off the day of graduation. As you can see in these photos, she was a little stressed out and wanted Daddy to hold her until she got home. She then promptely told her brother Milo about the two other dogs. Milo said he would take care of business for her, cause you see, Milo is scared of nothing. Milo actually took on a Great Dane in his Intermediate class....and probably would have won!

Here is a pics of Milo after finding out that Molly was being picked on by others...Fearless!

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