Friday, June 20, 2008

Dave Stone-July 1964

Okay...Okay...My OIC (Officer in Command)...Or as others know her...Stacy...gave me a direct order to post the "Original baby pic" from 1964. So here is is without the additional accoutrements that I added to the other one...(IE the sunglasses). Here is David James Stone, Born July 31, 1964 at Physicians Hospital in Plattsburg, New York. Solid looking 10 pound baby boy...Strapping!

I'm surprised he didn't try to add a goatee to the picture as well as the sunglasses. This picture is better. All Natural! Just the way I like it!! (Stacy's thoughts)

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Mischuf said...

Dave, you haven't changed much since this pic (just size).....Lol. Luvs! Michelle