Thursday, June 26, 2008


I don't have all the details yet, but my niece Elise got engaged last night. As soon as I get all the information, I'll post it so everyone can celebrate along with her. Scott and Shanna may have a BBQ to celebrate on July 5th. We're very happy about the news! Weddings are our favorite. Congratulations Elise and Scott!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Childhood Memories........

Island girl Cassi had an interesting blog on childhood memories and requested that her friends either post theirs on her comment block or post their own on their personal here is mine-Dave
I have a lot of memories as a child, and like Cassi's, mine are located on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. The first thing that comes to mind is Haunama Bay. Haunama bay is one of the sweetest spots to learn to snorkel and scuba. The water is crystal clear and calm. The natural reef breaks up the waves and makes this an ideal spot.

Let's not forget the "Toilet Bowl" also located at Haunama Bay...This is a bowl that has a underground tube where it allows water from the ocean to fill it up and down...hence the name..

My next memory comes in the form of a evil-fighting cyborg wreaking machine call Kikaida! I'm sure everyone has heard of "The Mighty Morphing Power Rangers"...but they got nothing on Jiro and his ability to totally drain entire power stations and totaly kick the crap out of evil beings trying to take over the planet!...
That brings me to the reason why I loved this kids show...Haole Day....or the day you stay home from school cause the locals will pound you. So I would skip school and watch Kikaida at another "haole's" house and brush up on my karate moves, so as to be able to save myself from the bus stop ambush that would be waiting for me the next day. Then I saw this program of this amazing guy that could crush you with his thumb....
This guy could move so fast that I actually thought he could destroy Kikaida in 2 moves...and he probably could. His name was Ed Parker, a native Hawaiian who passed away in 1990. He developed a martial art called American Kenpo Karate. I was so impressed as a child that later as an adult, when I had the opportunity to take this martial art, I started learning it at a rapid pace. In a year and a half I had attained the ranking of Green Belt. I still have to get my Black Belt, and it remains as one of my personal goals. Here is Ed Parker in action as well as some other Kenpo pics:
Let's not forget SPAM

And Reeses Peanut Butter Cups...sometimes eaten at the same time!

And OP Board Shorts, a tank top and flip-flops, standard everyday wear, sometimes even to church!

Trips to Waikiki and North Shore.....

And the world famous PPC (Polynesian Cultural Center)

And we can't forget the Hawaiian Ice!

I also have memories of other trips we took to Pali pass, Kaui, the Big Island...but the best memories were with Dad at Haunama, our favorite weekend hangout...

So many more memories, but these are the ones that really stick out for me. I 'll repost some more Hawaii pics as soon as I can get Dad to reprint them from his 5,000 slides that he has horded away in his basement somewhere...Mahalo for dropping by, and Aloha!


Poodies and the Salt Flats

Here is a few more pics of Dave and the Poodies on the Salt Flats at Bonneville Flats where they do Speed Week and all the speed records. This pic was taken on Memorial Day 2008.

Mollys Graduation From Basic Training

Molly Graduated from her Basic Training, Or Puppy Basic as they call it in May 2008. She did very well and made top marks. She expressed her distain for two of her classmates, a border collie that loved to show off how freaking cool and talented she was and a bully German Shepard that almost bit her face off the day of graduation. As you can see in these photos, she was a little stressed out and wanted Daddy to hold her until she got home. She then promptely told her brother Milo about the two other dogs. Milo said he would take care of business for her, cause you see, Milo is scared of nothing. Milo actually took on a Great Dane in his Intermediate class....and probably would have won!

Here is a pics of Milo after finding out that Molly was being picked on by others...Fearless!

Monday, June 23, 2008


Kevin, Amber, Ava and Eric come over to spend the day this last weekend! Yea for us! We had a great time making sushi and fondue, watching Tom and Jerry with Ava, going to the park with the Poodies and watching Mary Poppins. It's always fun when we find the time to get together. Kevin and Amber both work at Qwest communictions with Dave and it's been fun watching their little family grow. Stacy and I are blessed to have some great people in our lives.

This is little Eric, He's sleeping. He was practicing his Kung Fu with Uncle Dave and got a little worn out. You should see the bruises on Uncle Dave!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Dave Stone-July 1964

Okay...Okay...My OIC (Officer in Command)...Or as others know her...Stacy...gave me a direct order to post the "Original baby pic" from 1964. So here is is without the additional accoutrements that I added to the other one...(IE the sunglasses). Here is David James Stone, Born July 31, 1964 at Physicians Hospital in Plattsburg, New York. Solid looking 10 pound baby boy...Strapping!

I'm surprised he didn't try to add a goatee to the picture as well as the sunglasses. This picture is better. All Natural! Just the way I like it!! (Stacy's thoughts)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Cool Bald Babies!

My Dad found this picture. It's 43 years old. Pretty cool looking kid in my opinion. The kid looks confident and has the whole world in front of him. There's a possibility that this kid will be a soldier, willing to give it all for God and Country. There's also a possibility that this kid will have kids of his own, a beautiful wife, a nice home and a great corporate job somewhere. There is also the possibility that this kid will have some cool friends to hang out with for many years. There is also the possibility that this kid will grow up and hang out with Ozzy Osbourne.......Oh yeah, that kid is me......

And those cool friends?...Here they are hanging out with that cool little kid in Vegas at a Bowl Game...Go Cougs!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Celebrating Father's Day with our Dad's

It's been such a busy day, I don't know where to begin. We got up at 9:00 am and took Dave's Dad John out for breakfast. Ihop is always a good idea - especially for a Stone. I broke my diet by eating carrot cake pancakes, but what the heck - we were celebrating Father's Day. Terina (Dave's sister) joined us and we had a great time.

After breakfast, we went over to Dad's house and spent the next 4 hours hooking up a printer/scanner/copier for Dad and teaching him how to use it. We left there at 3:10 and scrambled to meet up with Stacy's Dad, George, at Macaroni Grill for dinner. When the Robinson's get together, there is always laughter and a lot of food. Belinda and Steve joined in the fun and we had a great time. Dave and I aren't sure if Dad enjoyed his gift, but we sure hope so. We hope you enjoy the pictures from the day.

Friday, June 13, 2008


Let us introduce you to "The Poodies". This is Milo Gunther and Molly Gretchen...our tiny dancers who are two spoiled rotten Mini-Schnauzers. Milo has been promoted to Sergeant after completing his Intermediate training at Pet-Smart. He is smart as a whip and always getting into trouble. Molly has recently been promoted to Private after completing Basic Training. She is mischievous and can often be found chewing on shoes. They enjoy being outside. It's their favorite, along with barking, begging for foods they shouldn't eat and chasing one another around the house. We love our Poodies. They make us laugh quite a bit and they bring us a lot of joy!